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Immersive, Exciting Mobile Ad Formats

Our ad formats range from simple rich media to highly animated ad units to highly intelligent ad units. We have made the creation of these exciting ad units very simple with miSpot, our rich media ad creation platform. With MiSpot, you can build the coolest mobile rich media ads in minutes.

Creative Services

Conceptualizing out of the box ideas for mobile rich media is hard. Reach out to our creative services team to help you. Time is of essence and very often response time to RFP’s is less than a day, we understand. Our technology and solutions team is built to help you with just that. Our turn-around time’s is often a few hours, to ideate and execute per your vision.

Drag & Drop Interface

Insert hotspots for increased user interaction. Link multiple hotspots to full screen banner, video or external applications.

Measure and Track

We offer metrics beyond impressions and clicks. MiSpot’s reporting dashboard contains deep and comprehensive engagement metrics.


We are excited about GoldSpot's MiSpot platform with the advancement and flexibility the platform provides our Clients to execute rich mobile ad campaigns. GoldSpot is the best solution we have seen in this arena    

Brian Anderson
SVP, Digital & Direct Marketing
Vidal Partnership

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June 11-13, 2012

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June 13, 2012

Mobile Strategy for Pharma, New Jersey

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