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GoldSpot Media

GoldSpot Media provides rich media and video building and reporting for mobile, tablet, and desktop. We enable anyone to produce high-performing, multiscreen ad units with speed, efficiency, and minimal operational friction – without compromising quality.

GoldSpot Media is based in Santa Clara, with offices in Tokyo, and Bangalore.

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Executive Team

Dave Roberts is responsible for global operations at GoldSpot Media, including Ad Operations, Product Management, and Business Development. A mobile veteran, Dave's career has covered a wide range of products and services including rich media and video advertising, payments, identity management and other cloud-based services, and app store development.

Pawel runs engineering and production at GoldSpot Media. He has 20+ years of experience in software development, including 10 years of building end-to-end products, such as content and applications delivery, human communications, and gaming.

Yukihiro Mitani has 30 years expertise in mobile IT, smartphone/featured phone/telecommunication technologies, SIM/smartcard, industrial measurement and seismological oil exploration in developing new business and technical features and services. Recent 4 years as East Asia rep.of GoldSpot Media, a Silicon Valley venture, promoting an unique advanced smartphone rich/video ad technology to the growing mobile ad market. 7 years experience in Vodafone/J-Phone group and 17 years experience in Schlumberger group leading next generation mobile biz/commerce/security and handset feature fields from H/W and S/W technology sides. Also 2 years, IT JV experience for mobile application and system development, covering all up-stream service and business development field. Strong motivation to attend standardization of mobile phone architecture and public mobile commerce system/ service in world wide scheme such as for NFC applications and so on. Specialties: Mobile Ad Technology / Mobile IT/EC Solution / Mobile Phone&Telecommunication Technology / SIM&SmartCard Technology and Application / Industrial Measurement / Seismology

Matt Bryant is the former President and owner of Media Buying Services International (“MBS”), one of New York’s pioneering media planning, strategy and buying organizations. The key elements of MBS’ reputation were an innovative approach to media planning and buying, exceptional service and attention to detail, close relationships with both clients and the media, and impeccable fiscal responsibility. Among MBS’ clients during this period were Acura, British Airways, Westinghouse, Pepsi Cola, Evian Water, MCI, Anheuser Busch, Saab, KLM and Boston Market.