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3 Screen Digital Enables Seamless One Voice Messages

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For years automotive marketers have strived to achieve “one voice” messaging across all three communication tiers (Brand, Retail, Individual Dealer), also known as Tier 1,2 & 3 categories of automotive marketing. With digital users hopping between devices, it is imperative for auto brands to communicate a consistent if not identical branding and promotional messages across online, tablets and mobile., i.e., a digital “one voice” so difficult to achieve in the traditional marketing mediums. It is time to take the technology nuances out of the picture to focus on how, when and where these advertisements need to be shown to digital users for maximum ROI. To achieve this ultimate goal, auto brands need to work with the right technology partners who can abstract them from devices, operating systems, resolutions, screen sizes and frame rate related mumbo-jumbo and focus solely on dynamic media and creative optimization across every digital screen.

Choosing a multi-screen technology and media partner to provide a platform to launch digital campaigns across all screens with a single ad buy, and optimize the campaign at media and creative alike to better performing screens is the key for deriving maximum ROI.

At GoldSpot, we take pride in our products and the consistent returns we have been delivering to our automotive customers for a long time. With our multi-screen, dynamic optimization technology, our auto customers will see the best returns from every digital screen. After all, our business is built on helping our customers succeed and nothing is more important to GoldSpot than a happy customer.